Ursula Bonadeo was a married noblewoman who had an affair with Cesare Borgia. She joined the nunhood as Sister Martha after Cesare killed her husband, and was later killed herself when the Convent of Saint Cecilia was attacked by Charles VIII.

In the series she is portrayed by Ruta Gedmintas.


Ursula Bonadeo was a noblewoman who engaged in a passionate extra-marital affair with Cesare Borgia. After Cesare murdered her husband, she rejected his love due to guilt and took vows as a nun, receiving the new name of Sister Martha. She happens to choose the nunnery whose cardinal benefactor is Cesare.[2]

She and Cesare meet on several occasions afterwards. He seems to love her still, but she rejects him every time. At some point, Cesare has the painter Pinturicchio make a wall painting of Saint Cecilia and forces Ursula, now Sister Martha, to pose as a model.  Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music, was renouned for her beauty, and Cesare commits blasphemy by removing Sister Martha's veil. He asks Pinturicchio to restore her hair as it had been before God snatched her from him, while obviously trying to restrain himself from kissing her.

Sister Martha was raped and killed when the Convent of Saint Cecilia was destroyed by Charles VIII's army while returning to France after retreating from Rome.[2]


Season one appearances
The Poisoned Chalice The Assassin The Moor
Lucrezia's Wedding The Borgias in Love The French King
Death, on a Pale Horse The Art of War Nessuno (Nobody)
Season two appearances
The Borgia Bull Paolo The Beautiful Deception Stray Dogs The Choice
Day of Ashes The Siege at Forli Truth and Lies World of Wonders The Confession


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