"My kind? I do not have a kind."
―Micheletto Corella[src]

Micheletto Corella[1] is a major character in the first, second and third seasons. He is portrayed by Sean Harris, and makes his debut in the series premiere.

Micheletto is an assassin hired by Cesare Borgia, and carries out ruthless killings ordered by Cesare to keep the Borgia family in power. He is very protective of his Borgia employers, particularly Cesare and Lucrezia.



Micheletto was born in Forli. He has not told his family about his profession, as his mother believes that he is studying to be a doctor. Micheletto later confesses to Cesare that he also murdered his father, claiming he had "many reasons."

Season oneEdit

Micheletto is hired by Cesare Borgia to serve as the Borgias' enforcer. He is utterly cold and compassionless and relishes danger. Initially in the employ of Pope Alexander VI's chief rival Cardinal Della Rovere, he jumps at the chance to serve as God's own assassin. Despite failing in attempts to assassinate Della Rovere, Micheletto remains Cesare's trusted accomplice.[1]



Augustino first appears when Micheletto and Cesare go to Forli. He also appears to be his brother. Augus

Augustino in "The Choice."

tino is engaged to be married to a woman named Violetta. He and Micheletto later meet at a graveyard and make love. Augustino admits to having guessed Micheletto's occupation.


Pascal is another lover of Micheletto's. Micheletto first meets Pascal in Milan and later finds him when Pascal follows him to Rome. He takes him to his place and they make love. Micheletto tells him that he should never ask about what he is doing or where he's going. Micheletto adds that he would rather that whatever they have between them continues.

Micheletto discovers encoded letters between Pascal and Rufio, Catherina Sforza's assassin. He takes the letters to Cesare, who in the end realizes that Pascal is an informant of Catherina, and orders Micheletto to kill him. Micheletto does so by cutting Pascal's wrists after he gives Pascal a choice of his way of dying and he says he wants to die in Micheletto's arms. After Pascal's death, Micheletto leaves with the word "Goodbye" in Pascal's blood on the floor of his apartment.


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Micheletto Corella


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