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"I will not be beaten, Djem."
―Lucrezia Borgia[src]

Lucrezia Borgia is a main character in the first, second and third seasons. She is portrayed by Holliday Grainger, and makes her debut in the series premiere.


Incestous Relationship with Cesare Borgia[]

Cesare Borgia[]

Cesare is Lucrezia's older brother. They are extremely close, and have a strong bond. Cesare takes care of his sister and just wants to make her happy. It is shown that their intimacy, in tow with their friendship, is their tiny corner of happiness away from the violence and corruption all around them.

In season one, they have a close and tender relationship with one another.

Cesare fights his father for the happiness of Lucrezia, who is to be married to the brutal Giovanni Sforza. The young girl is raped by her husband, and Cesare becomes suspicious of Sforza. When Lucrezia becomes pregnant (the father of her child is her lover, a stableboy, Paolo), she trusts Cesare, who hides her in a nunnery to annul her marriage.

In season 2, brother and sister grow up and both lose their innocence. Cesare offers to his sister, the possibility of meeting the father of her child, Paolo. After Paolo‘s death, Cesare takes care of his sister and her child and kills Giovanni Sforza, as promised to Lucrezia in season 1.

At the end of season 2, Cesare must make a choice: his brother, Juan, or Lucrezia. Juan becomes a danger to the family, especially for Lucrezia and her baby, yet Rodrigo asks Cesare to protect Juan and make things right. After Juan tries to kill Lucrezia’s baby, Cesare decides to kill him. Thus ensuring the safety of Lucrezia and her child.

In season 3, their relationship changes. The relationship of brother and sister becomes more romantic and sensual. In episode 2, "The Purge", they exchange a brief kiss while Lucrezia is naked in her bed. In episode 3, "Siblings" Lucrezia is abandoned by her second husband, Alfonso of Aragon, during their wedding night. While deciding not to repress the immense love she feels for her brother, she joins Cesare in his room, where they make love.

"- Am I so hard to love?

- No, Lucrezia, you cannot.

- But I must. Only a Borgia, it Seems, can truly love a Borgia. Why deny the ourselves the pleasure, for which we're already accused?

- Your husband?

- You will be my husband... tonight ".[2]

With that act, they cross a barrier. In the next episode, Lucrezia is obliged to bed her husband Alfonso d'Aragona before his uncle for diplomatic reasons. After Cesare announces some news, Lucrezia is furious, and brother and sister embrace painfully. In retaliation, Lucrezia chooses Cesare as a witness to the act, to Cesare's despair.

Despite their efforts to resume a "normal" relationship (episodes 5, 7 and 8), Cesare and Lucrezia are more “related” than ever and in love with each other.

- Whatever it is, it overwhelmed "[3].

At the end of the episode, Cesare instigates the plan to kill Alfonso, but Lucrezia suspects it. At night, Cesare comes to visit his sister, and he meets Alfonso. Alfonso defies Cesare and accuses him of being in love with his own sister. Cesare and Alfonso clash, and Lucrezia's husband is mortally wounded. Alfonso, in agony, begs Lucrezia to kill him. Lucrezia seems to administer poison to her husband.

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Family tree[]

Rodrigo Borgia
Vanozza Cattaneo
Charlotte of Albret
Cesare Borgia
Lucrezia Borgia
(b. 1477/1478)
Maria Enriquez de Luna
Juan Borgia
(d. 1498)
Sancia of Naples
Joffre Borgia
Giovanni Sforza
Alfonso of Aragon
Giovanni Borgia

Lucrezia Borgia
(b. 1477/1478)
Giovanni Borgia


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