Benito Sforza is the son of Catherina Sforza. He was captured and tortured by Juan Borgia during The Siege at Forli, and was released later by Cesare Borgia.

Benito is a completely fictional character that, historically, never existed in the Sforza's Family.


Season two appearances
The Borgia Bull Paolo The Beautiful Deception Stray Dogs The Choice
Day of Ashes The Siege at Forli Truth and Lies World of Wonders The Confession
Season three appearances
The Face of Death The Purge Siblings The Banquet of Chestnuts The Wolf and the Lamb
Relics Lucrezia's Gambit Tears of Blood The Gunpowder Plot The Prince

Family treeEdit

Galeazzo Sforza
Catherina Sforza
Benito Sforza
? - 1499

Historical notesEdit

  • Caterina Sforza's eldest son's name was Ottaviano, not Benito. None of her sons were named Benito.[1]
  • The incident of Caterina's eldest son being held hostage occurred in 1488 after the murder of her first husband, Giralomo Riario. Eye witness accounts differ as to whether or not she hiked her skirt, showing her genitals and saying she could always make more kids.[1]


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